Why Augmented Reality Might be the Marketing Tool You're Looking For

July 2, 2018

Augmented reality is on the cusp of mass market awareness. With ARKit (Apple), ArCore (Google), and WebAR (web browsers), virtually any audience has a device that can give them a quality experience. The increased democratization of AR means a huge user base that is hungry for content.

Before we look at some clever AR marketing ideas, it is important to remember that most people have experienced AR but don't realize it. In 2015 Snapchat introduced realtime AR lenses and it made a LOT of money. The general public loves entertaining, realtime AR. Moreoever they love branded AR. The amount of Aquamen, Charlie Browns, and Barbies floating around Snapchat is remarkable. So how do brands convert that experience to something meaningful outside of Snap?

First, we need to think about how your userbase is going to interact with your AR experience. For AR on a website you want to use WebAR, which means you may need to use an AR Marker. An AR Marker is an image that a mobile device uses to display content. When the camera viewfinder sees the marker, 3D models, images, etc can be programmed to appear. Our studio is currently working on several projects that use this technology. For a great example check out this video made by our friends at Brazen Animation:

If your brand needs a markerless AR experience then a dedicated app might be required. ARKit and ARCore apps get to access the raw power of mobile devices and provide more features than WebAR. For instance, you could utilize surface detection (where the phone's camera "sees" objects, the floor, the wall etc) for something unique and memorable. One of the best examples of this technology is the Ikea app Place. It uses Apple's ARKit to virtually position furniture inside a customer's home:

Augmented Reality isn't going anywhere. In fact, we think most brands will start implementing AR as a basic part of their marketing strategy. An interactive experience has the staying power that video or 2D can't possibly match; and the possibilities for content are endless. Our studio can't wait to see how AR tech continues to evolve and the exciting new ways brands will use it to their advantage.

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