3 Reasons You Should Be Working With a Developer Owned Studio

March 26, 2018

There are so many reasons to work with a developer-owned studio. After all, would you want someone who has zero programming knowledge making development decisions about your product? Of course not.

Being developer-owned isn’t just good for the studio - it’s a huge advantage for anyone doing business with them. There's nobody better equipped to manage development projects than, well, developers. Want to save time and money? Read on.

1. Better estimates

Have you ever met with a dev studio and agreed on a budget only to see it balloon within the first few weeks? Unfortunately, this seems to be the common experience. The good news is that our studio of seasoned veterans knows how to avoid this situation.

We have been on the front lines, the trenches, down in the muck. We know how long it takes to add a feature, rework the back end, add social functionality, or anything else your heart desires. All of our project planning is handled by experienced engineers so we know our estimates are accurate and reasonable. When you work with us, you’ll be the Scrooge McDuck of well-managed development projects.

2. Happy employees do better work

Because we are developer-owned, we know exactly what our team needs to do their best work. By striving to create an environment that encourages workflow but also allows balance, we are able to treat our employees like human beings, not code machines. Our developers are given flexibility and know that our studio understands the organic nature of creating software. In turn, they work even harder knowing they have our support behind them. That's probably why we have a perfect 5-star rating on Glassdoor.

According to a joint study, employees who are happy are up to 20% more productive. That means you're getting people who are actually happy and excited to work. Who would've thought?

3. Never outsource

When you first approach a potential development partner, one of the first questions you should ask them is “do you outsource?” It might be surprising, but the reality is that many “local” development studios are run by managers with zero engineering experience - that means they have to outsource all of the programming and dev work to someone else. Studios like this end up focusing on margins instead of quality, which cripples your project from the start.

At Pixel and Texel, we know how important it is to keep staff local, in the same building, where we can talk to each other. Any issues that arise are handled immediately, as a team. When you are able to communicate to your developers face-to-face, project management becomes that much easier. That’s why we have a great team of full-stack developers that live right here in Dallas. No outsourcing, no problem.

Now that you know the benefits of working with a developer owned studio, take a look at A Breakdown of Common Developement Terms.

Who We Are

Pixel and Texel is a development studio based in Dallas, TX, that is developer owned, operated, and founded. We have been creating made to order apps, VR, websites and backend solutions since 2011. Our team of full-stack developers combines decades of code experience, project planning, and coffee drinking to build the bridge that connects brands to consumers. We’re started this company to put development back into the hands of developers.