Qualcomm is Releasing a Dedicated VR/AR Chip and We are Excited

June 4, 2018

Our studio has been lucky to work with Qualcomm chipsets (such as the Snapdragon 835 in Think F.A.S.T. and the 845), so we were thrilled about the XR1. A dedicated AR/VR chip, the XR1 is aimed at all-in-one entry level devices similar to the Oculus Go.

Even more exciting, it looks like the platform will support 6DOF; meaning VR experiences could allow the user to move freely through 3D space. We found this feature really compelling while developing Think F.A.S.T. and the applications seem endless. Imagine walking around a spaceship on Mars and kicking a soccer ball made of diamonds into the sun. Or you know, looking at furniture. ON THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN. The possibilities are infinite.

Back to the XR1 - it looks like HTC, Vuzix, and Pico are all developing devices for the platform. Qualcomm is also working to connect future hardware makers and manufacturers through their "HMD Accelerator". While that sounds like a super amazing time travel device, it's actually just a program that provides quicker access to XR test devices. Which is good because Qualcomm hopes to have "186 million mobile XR devices by 2023".

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