Brett Estabrook and Andrew Strickland started Pixel and Texel in 2011 with a simple premise:
Never outsource, Hire the best developers, and Offer clients complete transparency.
Our People
Andrew Strickland
Andrew Strickland is a veteran tech leader and CEO of Pixel and Texel. With a background in the gaming industry, he has been at the forefront of AR, VR, and mobile for nearly two decades. Recent activations include Oculus, Facebook, Qualcomm, Intel, Mars, and Verizon. At Pixel and Texel, Andrew has guided the team to find new and innovative ways to leverage XR. He believes that overlaid digital experiences are the future of all things mobile, wearable, and web. In his spare time, Andrew fixes pinball/arcade machines and adamantly insists that everything old and rusty can be restored.
Brett Estabrook
Brett brings almost 20 years of software development experience to Pixel and Texel. He's managed numerous Full Stack software projects ranging from Database, Web, and 3D Rendering Applications. He's managed software portfolios for id Software, Electronic Arts, Ubi Soft, Mars, and Halliburton. His role as Chief Technical Officer is focused on architecting full software processes and workflows.
Tabitha Parker
Tabitha Parker is an experienced and efficient leader, having been in leadership positions for well over 10 years. She has a diverse background that allows her to improvise and adapt to any situation. She especially enjoys working with new technology and creative teams to devise innovative solutions. Tabitha has worked with Groupon, The Second City, Four Day Weekend, and HEB/ISD. Her role at Pixel and Texel is focused on overseeing the daily operations of the company and executives; as well as managing client relationships and finances.
Alex Nguyen
Director of Enterprise Applications
Alex Nguyen is a Director of Enterprise Applications and provides Pixel and Texel with his 10 years of experience in software development. His role at Pixel and Texel includes planning, full stack developing, testing, and launching a range of software applications, which included over 35 successful mobile application launches. He spends most of his spare time collecting original comic book art and loves to spend hours in the kitchen.
Spencer Evans
Lead AR/VR Developer
Spencer began his career in 2010 as a designer and engineer of interactive digital experiences. During his early professional years, he worked on a variety of academic and entertainment products, including AAA computer video games and an art installation for the Dallas Museum of Art. Since joining Pixel And Texel in 2015, he has played a key role in developing and managing a number of mobile and web applications, and now serves as the lead AR/VR engineer for commercial products for clients such as Mars Inc., TBS, Oculus, Verizon, and NFL.
Noa Gavin
Senior Project Manager
Noa has managed various projects for a variety of industries for over 10 years. Her background includes projects in franchise management, leadership development, marketing / advertising, social media / social storytelling, enterprise communications, and software development. Noa's role at Pixel and Texel is to ensure smooth, on-budget, on-time projects with exceptional communication.