How we delivered a unique brand experience for thyssenkrupp and FleishmanHillard
The Challenge
The new thyssenkrupp HQ in Atlanta is a groundbreaking project. The PR team at FleishmanHillard knew that the press conference announcing the campus called for an experience that would go outside the bounds of traditional media.  Our studio created a combination Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) app for a fully-interactive event that showcased the building’s unique look and innovative features.
Our Solution
By utilizing the new Oculus Go headset, our team built a custom VR app that included a 3D branded loading room and a 360° video that showed thyssenkrupp’s new elevator technology. Because the headsets are not tied to any PC or game console, we were able to create a simple, frictionless experience at the event.

AR was the natural choice for showing visitors the new building design in a fun way. By holding up a mobile device and pointing it at the thyssenkrupp logo, attendees saw a fully 3D representation of the new headquarters, slowly rotating to highlight architectural features. Our team also made use of advanced game tech to display the building at sunset, with beautiful real-time lighting.